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    Karin & Jørgen Johansen
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As a child I had a great desire to get a dog but when we lived in an apartment in the middle of the city it was not possible.

Jörgen however, grew up in the countryside and they have always had dogs at home.

In 1987 my husband Jörgen, our daughter Tina and I spent more than a year to find the right breed for us. We knew it must be a small dog, it should
be easy, because it was only Jörgen who had experience with dogs.

The choice was a black dwarf poodle, a female named Vicky, but already the following year we had to have one more, it was a male named Sonny.

Over the years we had a desire to show, but after we had been on a couple of poodle dog shows, we found out that it certainly was not the breed, we
wanted for show.

Since our poodles were now up in age, we started searching for the race, which we would like to show.

After studying everything we could find about the breed Cairn Terrier, we went to a dog show to see the breed, and there was no doubt, it was the right
breed, a decision we never regretted.

In 1998 we got our first Cairn Petrea, and then came Karla and Rasmine. 

Breeding, training and shows has become our great common interest.

Jörgen takes care of especially the part on the show. He stands for the grooming of our dogs and puppies and show some of the dogs.

I'm home. Therefore, it is me who takes care of everything related to our dogs and puppies everyday.

 I stand for our dog training and exercise which is necessary before the shows and something new, I also started to show some of the dogs.

Besides training here at home, I am also training with our dogs. We train schweis blood trail with Donna and Chili and I have participated in the 
Danish Kennel Club's license for dog and has passed both the Bronze and Silver. Also has participated in both Agility and Rally O at the Danish Kennel Club.

We currently have 5 Cairn in the home, our lovely male "Liam" Rottriver's High Heals, from Krister Olander Lindblom in Sweden. Besides Liam we have 4 girls
from our own breeding, Donna, Chili, Sally and Donnas daughter Naida.

Our dogs are a natural part of our family, and is probably what you call a little spoiled. They follow us in our daily lives both inside and out. 
And when we relax in the evening they find immediately the best chair in the living room.

To have puppies is every time something really special for us and we spend hours on socialization of the puppies. 

We ensure that our puppies are ready to meet their new families by providing them through growing up has been in many hands, experiencing the sounds
at home, have been out driving in the car and know that they have seen the "big" outside world.

We live in the countryside in a renovated farmhouse with plenty of room for us and our Cairns.

The garden is a delightful place for our dogs and puppies, and of course it is fenced. It is necessary when one has such a curious breed which Cairns are :-)

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Here you can see some pictures of our home:

From the courtyard:

From the garden: