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So we were at this year's last 2 shows in Danish Terrier Club. What a fantastic weekend. :-)

DTK show in Aars October 15th, 43 Cairn Terriers, judge Cochetti Francesco, IT

DKCH Cairnstone's Watch That Man "Manne" - 1. W. Champion class with CLUB CC & best male 2nd

Keencairn's Ceasar - 1. W.  Junior class with Excellent & CK

DTK show Hobro October 16th, 46 Cairn Terriers, judge Kresten Schell, DK

DKCH Cairnstone's Watch That Man "Manne" - 2. W. Champion class with CLUB CC & best male 2nd

Keencairn's Ceasar- 1. W.  Junior class with Excellent 

Ceasar was also awardeda beautifultrophy for best junior by Danish parents.

Kaczaca's Affie after Keencairn's Zicki was placed both Saturday and Sunday as BIS 1 puppie.
BIG CONGRATULATIONS  to both owner and breeder :-)


DTK show in Hedensted September 17th, 54 Cairn Terrier, 28 different terrier breeds, judge Brigita Kremser, SI.

Cairnstone's Watch That Man "Manne"


And later in the day, he finished as


under judge Pia Lundberg, SE ….. JUBII 

Big thanks to Søren Thomsen, Kennel Nordcairn for a VERY good job with Manne :-))

BOB "Manne" & Søren                                BOS "Diva" & Ghita

Thanks to Niels from Kennel Mr Winterbottom for the fine photo :-)

Cairnster's Abbie after (Hjohoo's To Do Hjo Good x Keencairn's Laura) got Sunday her 3. CC and is now a 


DTK show in Køge June 18th 2011 - judge Graham Peers, GB, 50 cairn terriers

Keencairn's Donna - baby class SL
Cairnstone's Watch That Man "Manne" - open class Excellent 

Keencairn's Ceasar -1. W. junior Class Excellent &  CK -BEST JUNIOR - BEST MALE 2Reserve Certifikat (RCC)

DKK show in Valby June 19th 2011 - judge Elfriede Heidecker, AT, 44 cairn terriers

Keencairn's Ceasar - 2.W. junior class Excellent & CK

Cairnstone's Watch That Man "Manne" - 2.W. open class Excellent & CK

Lotte & Keencairn's Ceasar & Jay's Joy's Ella Fitzgerald in Best junior competition!

One more picture ;-)

Thanks a lot to team Cairnsters & team Nordcairn for your BIG help both days!


Cairnstones Watch That Man "Manne":DKK show in Hillerød May 8th 2011 - judge Juha Palosaari, Finland

1 W. open class, Excellent, CK, Best male 3 with reserve Certificat

DTK show in Helsingør May 7th 2011 - judge E. Weijenborg-Weggemans, NL

2. W open class with Excellent &CK

A BIG THANKS to Satu, Kennel Cairnsters for a good job with Manne this weekend :-)

Manne & Satu

Thanks for the photo to: Leif Saaby


DKK show in Tønder April 2nd 2011 - judge Nina Karlsdotter, Sweden.

Cairnstones Watch That Man "Manne"


Manne got his 2nd CERTIFICAT!!!

And BIG THANKS to Søren from Kennel Nordcairn for a good job with Manne :-)

BOB "Manne" & Søren                                                       BOS Mary & Brita

Thanks to Niels from Kennel Mr Winterbottom for the fine photo :-)